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I'm trying to get the length of the characters that I attain from innerHTML and it's kind of come down to last resort, but can't seem to find a more efficient way as the data is inside a slider that I'm trying to use to get the lower value and higher value.

var lvalue=document.getElementById("lval").innerHTML;

then I'm spiting the string in the spaces:

var larr=lvalue.split(" ");

The innerHTML value is something like this "2413dsk 134dfa134".

And when i use larr[0].length, I get 1 when I need 7. Is there a solution?

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larr[0] refers to the length of the first element of the splitted array.. – Triztian Feb 1 '12 at 5:24
Can you post some code? When I type exactly what you wrote here, the answer is 7 (starting with lvalue = "2413dsk 134dfa134"; instead of innerHTML). – djd Feb 1 '12 at 5:25
Slider as in HTML5 slider? You may be looking for document.getElementById('lval').value rather than .innerHTML? – lpd Feb 1 '12 at 5:26

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I think it would go something like this:

var lvalue = document.getElementById("lval").innerHTML;
var larr = lvalue.split(' ');
var len = 0;

// For each iterates over the index of arrays
for(var i in larr) { 
     len += larr[ i ].length // Acummulate the length of all the strings

Or alternatively you could count the spaces first and then substract it from the total length.

// Some people argue about extending the native objects
// but in this case I think this method is a natural fit.
String.prototype.count = function( character ) {
   var l = 0;
   // `this` refers to the string itself
   for(var c in this) n = this[ c ] === character ? ++n : n;
   return n;

An then use it like so:

var lvalue = document.getElementById("lval").innerHTML;

// Subtract total length minus the number of spaces
var len = lvalue.length - lvalue.count(' ');
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This might be caused by a preceding or leading space.

Try trimming the extra spaces :

var lvalue=document.getElementById("lval").innerHTML.replace(/^\s+/gi,'').replace(/\s+$/gi,'');

var larr=lvalue.split(" ");
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I didn't see any problem with your code. I run a test here: Probably, you have one or more spaces at the begining of lval's inner HTML.

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