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I work on C# window Visual Studio 2005. I save image on SQL Server using OLEDB command. In insertion I insert null value on image field. It works well, but a problem occurs when I try to update image. My update query is:

using (OleDbCommand Update = new OleDbCommand(
                 "UPDATE [BoardDetail] SET BoardImage= '(?)' WHERE BoardID='" + oItem.BoardID + "' AND BoardSerialNo='" + oItem.BoardSerialNo + "' ", connection))             
                 OleDbParameter imageParameter =
                 Update.Parameters.Add("@image", OleDbType.Binary);
                 imageParameter.Value = content;
                 imageParameter.Size = content.Length;

it works well but value on image column is null.

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can you assure that content is not null??? – gbianchi May 27 '09 at 12:03

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The issue is with the definition of the parameter. Change:

SET BoardImage= '(?)' 


SET BoardImage= @image
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