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var subjectList;

function PageMaster()
    this.contentDiv = document.getElementById("content");

 * Builds the main part of the web page based on the given XML document object
 * @param {Object} xmlDoc   the given XML document object

PageMaster.prototype.doIt = function(xmlDoc)


alert("Clear page...");
this.contentDiv.innerHTML = "";

if (null != xmlDoc) 
	alert("Build page...");

	//create div Post
	var divPost = document.createElement("div");
	divPost.className = "post";

	//create h1 element
	var h1Element = document.createElement("h1");
	var headingText = document.createTextNode("Invitations");

	//insert h1 element into div post

    subjectList = xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName("subject");	
	var groupList = xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName("group");

	for (var i = 0; i < subjectList.length; i++) //for each subject
		var divEntry = document.createElement("div");
		divEntry.className = "entry";

		var subjectNum = subjectList[i].attributes[0].nodeValue;
		var subjectName = subjectList[i].attributes[1].nodeValue;
		var groupId = groupList[i].attributes[0].nodeValue;
		var groupName = groupList[i].attributes[1].nodeValue;
		var ownerId = groupList[i].attributes[2].nodeValue;

		//set up the invitation table attributes	
		var table = document.createElement("table");
		table.width = 411;
		table.border = 3;
		table.borderColor = "#990000"

		tableRow = table.insertRow(0);
		tableCell = tableRow.insertCell(0);

		var cellContent = "";

		//create invitation message
		var invitationMsg = "<p>Subject : " + subjectNum + " - " + subjectName + "</p>";
		invitationMsg += "<p>You are invited to join " + groupName + " (groupId : " + groupId + ") by owner Id:" + ownerId + "</p>";
		cellContent += invitationMsg;

		//create buttons
		cellContent += "<input type='button' id='acceptButton" + i + "' value='Accept' onclick='acceptInvitation(i)'>"
		cellContent += "<input type='button' id='declineButton" + i + "' value='Decline'>"

		tableCell.innerHTML = cellContent;


		var blankSpace = document.createElement("p");

	//insert div post into div content

function acceptInvitation(i)

above is extract of my javascript code. What the code do is to create a table of inviting group from the xml file with accept and decline button. when user press accept, the table will disappear and the table below will move up. For now I am only testing my accept invitation button to see if it works.But my onclick function in the accept button does not work for some reason I don't understand. the alert in acceptInvitation() is not read. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

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try debugging using firefox browser and install a firebug add-on this let you easily see the line upon which the code breaks (where the errors occur) – lock May 26 '09 at 6:25

What about:

cellContent += "[...] onclick='acceptInvitation("+i+")'>"

This ensures that i is evaluated with the value of the variable instead of as a literal

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thanks, not realizing that I could do it that way. By the way, I am using inlining method for the onclick event, do you now anyway I could you use eventlistener but still be able to pass the value of "i" so something like. triggerLink=document.getElementById("accept"); triggerLink.addEventListener("click",(function name),false); But it seems that there is no way to include the "i" – chris May 26 '09 at 6:38

Try to call it like this


Not like this

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dont know if that's what's causing your problem but your outputting onclick='acceptInvitation(i)' Im guessing you want to output acceptInvitation(value-of-i), that is acceptInvitation(" + i + ")

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while perhaps not addressing the central problem,


in this case i would be undefined.


would solve at least one problem. Also, you're using an unusual mixture of innerHTML and DOM methods. Why not stick to the DOM methods and use attachEvent/AddEventListener?

edit: A list apart has a good article on binding of variables at

The following is a somewhat specialized example. See the article for more generalized case (or use a library like Prototype)

var click_hdlr = function() {
    return function() {
        return acceptInvitation.apply(this,arguments);

var acc_btn = document.createElement("input");
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that is what I want to do earlier, well infact I have to use eventListener , but for this case I don't know how to pass the "i". Any idea on how to do that? how could I use eventListener but still be able to pass the "i" – chris May 26 '09 at 6:40
do I put the click_hdlr inside my for loop function?. I am new to javascript and has only learned in for about a week, therefore not quite sure how to do it properly. thanks for the help – chris May 26 '09 at 7:28
Sorry, I should have specified, it doesn't need to be inside the for loop. – Jonathan Fingland May 26 '09 at 7:37
is the "this" = "i"? – chris May 26 '09 at 12:45
I am trying to change the code to suit my program but I don't seems to understand how it works. could you please explain in detail or give me example that works with my code. Thanks so much – chris May 26 '09 at 13:17

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