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i want to write a code which will work like backtrace utility on ARM9 architecture.

i did come across the code back trace for ulibc in arm. But from above code i want to know the details of data structure layout and parameter used in above code. Can anyone throw some light on the above.

thanks in advance.

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In glibc it's defined in dlfcn/dlfcn.h and looks like

/* Structure containing information about object searched using
   `dladdr'.  */
typedef struct
  __const char *dli_fname;      /* File name of defining object.  */
  void *dli_fbase;              /* Load address of that object.  */
  __const char *dli_sname;      /* Name of nearest symbol.  */
  void *dli_saddr;              /* Exact value of nearest symbol.  */
} Dl_info;
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