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I have developed a simple software using VB.net, now i want to receive some data from an external device, i want to know if any way to learn "**How to read a hardware transmitted data using VB.net, where hardware is attached to a USB port?**" Any specific book or any way to get this thing learn.

Looking forward to hear from you all.

Thanks & Regards.

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possible duplicate of How to get the data from a USB port in VB.NET –  Anthony Potts Nov 25 '13 at 16:31
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I think you should not duplicate the question:-

Still i was searching and found the answer from the following link, so again posting it here so that people should not search more for this. Thabnks

How to get the data from a USB port in VB.NET

Here is what I found. You use the HID.dll to interface the usb ports. And you know the best part? I found some examples.

Here's a link that contains basic examples and tutorial for usb interfacing. The HID Page

Sample Project File

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