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My apologies if this is something obvious that I have missed - strange enough a quick google and SO-Search revealed nothing:

I am using an SWT-Browser widget within an Eclipse-RCP view to show local HTML-Content. How can I print it?

Yes I know I can right-click into the window and select print, but I need something more user-friendly like a "Print"-Button the user can click. There is no print()-Method for the widget, so how can I call the context-menu "print" or bring up the printing-dialog otherwise?

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You can use javascript to print the contents of the window.

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Yes, but then i need a "print-button" within the HTML-Content, which i dont like too much. I'd prefer to have a print-button in some toolbar which calls a print-function.. Still, its a way to go if there is no better option - thanks for that! – quaylar Feb 1 '12 at 7:38
@quaylar browser.execute() is called from Java code, so no need for an HTML button. – Baz Feb 5 at 9:54

You might use JavaScript's print() function see tutorial for details and run it from your Java code if you want.

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Hah - +1 for the Browser.execute() function - how could i miss that :) – quaylar Feb 1 '12 at 7:52

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