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How can I trim white space between two specific characters in the same string? i.e. I just want to close the space between the first tag there and the start of the next word...

I want to turn this:


                                testing testing 123

into this:

<code>testing testing 123


The <code> will always be there, so perhaps I could use that as some sort of anchor point?


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$trimmed = trim(substr($in, 6));

that will remove the whitespace after <code> up to the first non-whitespace.

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Assuming <code> always exists at the beginning of your string, you can use:

$str = preg_replace( '/^<code>\s+/', '<code>', $str )

The regular expression above will match a <code> tag at the beginning of a line (the ^ indicator) and remove all whitespace characters following it (the \s+) pattern.

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Use RegExp, something like this:

$trimmed = preg_replace('/(<[^>]*>)\s*/', '\1', $input_string)

This will work on ANY html-tag ;)

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