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I think this belongs here, as it's about the programming of android phones, but I'm happy to be corrected.

Does anybody have good data on what the marketshare of various cpu speeds are for android? Eg 20% fast dual cores, 30% ~= 1Ghz Single cores, etc. Not so much exact speeds, but the general bucket that they fall into.

I'm developing an app which doesn't run well on the older armv6 ~=600mhz cpus, which I think are a pretty small market but It'd be nice to have actual data to base that statement off of.

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up vote 4 down vote accepted should help you to know which devices are dominant and android dashboard tells which android version is. I guess, most of the devices which support (factory-installed) gingerbread are ARMv7 devices as its more adequate to run on such processor. but we shouldn't over rule this fact that ARMv6 can also be upgraded to run gingerbread.

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