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I have created a line chart using below code.

select * from ( 
'f?p=&APP_ID.:41:&SESSION.:SUBMIT:&DEBUG.::P41_FROM_STOCK_ID,P41_TO_STOCK_ID:s.from_id,s.to_id' LINK,
s.from_id || '-' || s.to_id LABEL,

        sum(util.find_usage_from_stock(MATERIAL_THIKNESS,s.from_id,s.to_id)) -
        sum(util.find_sheets_sold(MATERIAL_THIKNESS,s.from_id,s.to_id)) diff  
  from material m, (select lag(stock_id, 1, stock_id) over (order by stock_date) from_id, stock_id to_id                                             
                    from STOCK
                    where stock_time not like 'NEW_STOCK') s
 where like 'Y'
 group by s.from_id,s.to_id
 order by s.from_id desc
 WHERE rownum <= 20

when click on a circle in line chart, should redirect to a link. but i have trouble with LINK in above query. when i click on a circle, redirect to url like below.,P41_TO_STOCK_ID:s.from_id,s.to_id

but i need to assign values into s.from_id,s.to_id in above url when i click on a circle in my chart. how can i do that ?

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Don't you just need to take the values from the query and concatenate those to your link string?, like this:

'f?p=&APP_ID.:41:&SESSION.:SUBMIT:&DEBUG.::P41_FROM_STOCK_ID,P41_TO_STOCK_ID:'||s.from_id||','||s.to_id LINK
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