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I have a tabset that loads an edit page into a tab on the details page of a user edit. I create the tabs dynamically and they are loaded from the server when the tab is clicked.

I have javascript code that needs to run when this tab is loaded so that calendar and autocomplete controls are available.

How can I ensure that the javascript existing in the imported html is loaded? Is this possible to do.

I have tried various events on the tab such as beforeDataLoadedChange and contentChange but to no avail.

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if you want an event to fire when you click on a tab you can use activeTabChange event , check this example

However for an event that gets fired if data or contents inside a tab is loaded you may try using loadHandler which is called when a request to pull your data from server has success or failure.

this.loadHandler =  {
            success: function(o) {
                this.set(CONTENT, o.responseText);
            failure: function(o) {

modify this default loadHandler to fire a custom event on success and subscribe to that event so that you can run js code that you need .

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This did the trick great thanks. – Toby Allen Feb 4 '12 at 9:15

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