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I'm making a prototype Spotify Application, and I am stuck on the last part of code.

I have a list of albums URI, and want to display an album with cover and link to it. So I parse the list, create an album object, and push the HTML corresponding to what I want.

It look like this:

for(var i = data.length; i--; ) {
  var cd = models.Album.fromURI(data[i].uri);
  var cover = $(document.createElement('div')).attr('id', 'player-image');
  cover.append($(document.createElement('a')).attr('href', data[i].uri));
  var img = new ui.SPImage(cd.cover ? cd.cover : "sp://import/img/placeholders/300-album.png");

I don't understand why cd.cover is always empty.

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Looks like the documentation is incorrect. Instead of using the cover property use image from the track or album object.

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Yes, it works ! Album oject has a image properties, but track object has a cover properties. (I had a solution get the first track of my album object and using the cover properties). It's proper with image properties of the album. Thx a lot ! –  user1182379 Feb 2 '12 at 10:02

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