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I'm new to Xcode and Cocoa and I'm trying to decide how to design an app I have in mind. Since fundamental design decisions can make or break your app, I'd like some input which approach would most likely work best for what I the app will do. The app will run on Mac OS X and, if necessary, can require 10.7 Lion.

The basic functionality of the app is to read text data (text file, XML, database, whatever) and display that data in a window. The data consists of text strings for commands and their respective keyboard shortcuts, the app will essentially show keyboard shortcut cheat sheets. The data needs to be arranged in the window in groups and columns and the app needs to determine the best layout for the data. The text needs to be styleable (bold, underline, font size, etc.) and the app needs to be able to handle small and large sets of data, determining the best dimensions of the window and in how many columns to layout the data while taking into account the metrics of the displayed data (font size can be set by the user) and maximum window size in regard to the screen resolution.

Here are two examples of possible layouts:


iCal Address Book

I've identified the following approaches to this task:

  • Non-editable NSTextViews
  • Use a WebView and pre-layout the data using HTML & CSS (the app would still need to grow/shrink its window and the WebView to fit the data)
  • Use instances of NSTextFields / labels and arrange them using Constraints / Auto Layout
  • CoreText

I'm aware that there's probably not a single correct answer to this problem, what I'm looking for is how experienced Xcode developers would tackle this problem. If there are more / better ways to approach this than those I've listed above, I'd love to hear them.

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These look a lot like tables, any reason you haven't considered NSTableView? –  Rob Keniger Feb 2 '12 at 0:45
For some reason I must have discounted using NSTableView due to mixing it up with UITableView from iOS, which is only single-column. But of course you're right, NSTableView sounds like the way to go. Thanks! –  Thomas Borowski Feb 2 '12 at 8:45

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