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i am using FileOutputStream to write my content to a file "sample.txt" on a android device SD card

but every time i try to write the content, FileOutputStream writes it on a different position on disk.

i have check the start position of the file "sample.txt", and every time it increases 512 byte!

what should i do?

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If you're overwriting the file, then that's just the file system doing its thing, nothing to do with FileOutputStream. It's not unusual for flash-memory-based file systems to avoid reusing the same part of the device over and over, because flash has a limited number of write/erase cycles, so flash-memory file systems try to spread the writes over the entire device, reusing previously-used areas only when they're the oldest available. It's fine and there's nothing you need to do about it, the file system sorts it out.

If you're appending to the file, e.g. using one of the constructors that allows appending, e.g.:

OutputStream os = new FileOutputStream("sample.txt", true); // true = append

...then the file is growing, because that's what you're asking it to do. If that's not what you want, use one of the other constructors or pass false for the append argument.

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