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I am working with some third-party code that has a lot of conditional macros. Visual Studio is quite good at detecting the inactive code, i.e. code wrapped in #if...#endif that won't be compiled and I can manually collapse these individually.

I would like to hide the inactive blocks automatically - all of them. Is this possible?

EDIT: is this possible with VS2012? May be a reason to upgrade.

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@SridharKritha Not the same question. There is an element of seductiveness to this question, the one linked is a solution to collapse all, regardless of whether or not the block is active – Assimilater May 13 at 14:48
I feel like this is a well-formed question. Sad to see the responses from 2012 seem to be off the understanding. I would guess it's not possible without making a new VS extension. – Assimilater May 13 at 14:54

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