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I have a table with a column month(integer). In this column I store values like 1, 2, .. 12.
But I have to show the month name.

Ex: If the value is 1 I need to display jan.

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Basically what @small_duck already posted, but a couple of improvements:

SELECT to_char(to_timestamp (4::text, 'MM'), 'TMmon')
  • A plain cast to text 4::text is enough, no need for to_char(..).

  • Question asks for lower case "jan", there is a template pattern for that: mon.

  • If you want to localize the output, prefix the template with the modifier TM.

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There might be a quicker answer, but it seems to be possible by:

  • Turning your int into a string
  • Reading that string as a timestamp
  • Displaying the month of the timestamp.

For example:

select to_char(to_timestamp(to_char(4, '999'), 'MM'), 'Mon')

returns 'Apr'.

You can turn it into a function:

create function to_month(integer) returns varchar as
    select to_char(to_timestamp(to_char($1, '999'), 'MM'), 'Mon');
$$ language sql

and use it throughout your code.

select to_month(month_column) from mytable
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Thanks sir.. It is working fine. –  user007 Feb 1 '12 at 11:13

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