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I have a line of code that uses mootools to get an array of elements with the given selectors

var menuItems =  $$('#container .menu');

I need to convert this to jquery but can't find a solution. I have tried jQuery('#container .menu') but it doesn't return an array.

Is there a way to use '.find()' from jquery on the whole document ? (since I don't have a parent element to make it like parent.find()..)

Any other suggestion is also most welcome

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does $('#container .menu') not return and array of elements which match the selector? – ianbarker Feb 1 '12 at 11:02
you want to convert .menu children to an array ? – Awea Feb 1 '12 at 11:05

With jQuery your statement:

jQuery('#container .menu')

will return a jQuery object that contains all matching elements where you can access the individual DOM elements with array-like syntax:

var menuItems = jQuery('#container .menu');

menuItems.length        // gives a count of how many matched
menuItems[0]            // the first matching element

// but you can also use jQuery methods on the object

If you want an actual array rather than an array-like object you can use jQuery's .toArray() method:

var menutItemsArray = jQuery('#container .menu').toArray();

Why don't you try one of the jQuery tutorials available at the jQuery website?

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If you absolutely need it as an array, rather than working with the jQuery object returned by the selector, take a look at the .toArray() function.

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