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I'm trying to compile a class Tmp that implements an interface TmpInter.

/* Interface */
package test;

public interface TmpInter {
  public void show(String s);

/* Class */
package test;

public class Tmp extends TmpInter {
  public void show(String s) {

Now when I'm trying to compile the class Tmp.java I'm getting the error

D:\java\rmi\Hello>javac TmpInter.jav

D:\java\rmi\Hello>javac Tmp.java
Tmp.java:3: cannot find symbol
symbol: class TmpInter
public class Tmp extends TmpInter

I went through all the similar posts and tried those solutions but, in vain.

I'm saving and running both the files in the same directory and the .class files are being generated in the same folder. I tried the -classpath option as well but didn't work. I'm compiling these files from the windows cmd when tried in Eclipse it is working fine. Also I tried compiling all the files at a time in that folder using javac *.java this is generating all the required .class files without any error but iam unable to figure out why this is not so when compiled individually.

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Besides what Binyamin said, make sure that the current directory is in the classpath. Try compiling like this:

javac -cp . test\Tmp.java

(Run this from the directory that contains the test package directory).

The -cp option sets the classpath. . means "the current directory". Normally, if you do not have the CLASSPATH environment variable set, the current directory is automatically in the classpath. But if you've set CLASSPATH and didn't add the current directory explicitly, it won't work.

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Thanks for the suggestion but iam still not able to compile it. –  Galaxin Feb 1 '12 at 12:04
Your source files have a package test; statement. That means you must put them in a subdirectory named test. Save your source files in D:\java\rmi\Hello\test and then from D:\java\rmi\Hello compile with the command above. –  Jesper Feb 1 '12 at 13:37
Thanks a lot that solved my problem... :) –  Galaxin Feb 2 '12 at 5:25

TmpInter is interface. You can't extend interface to a class. Interfaces can implement to a class.

public class Tmp implements TmpInter

Declaring Classes

Create sub folder(test) in Hello folder. After that put those interface and class into test sub folder. Then, you compile your code.

D:\java\rmi\Hello\test>javac Tmp.java
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Thanks for the info but iam still unable to resolve this problem.Even if iam using the implements keyword instead of extends the same error is being thrown "cannot find symbol". –  Galaxin Feb 1 '12 at 12:08

You should implement interface, not extend it.

public class Tmp implements TmpInter

Also, look at the Java tutorials of inteface.

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Iam sry abt that i tried implementing the ineterface by replacingthe extends with implements keyword but iam still facing the same problem. As the error described here indicates that it is a "cannot find symbol" and also if i remove the package statement at the 1st line it is compiling but i dont understand why it is not compiling with that statement present. –  Galaxin Feb 1 '12 at 12:01

i tried doing javac -d . filename.java in the same path D:\java\rmi\Hello this produced the required output that is .class for each file were generated individually in the package mentioned above.

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for interface do this

D:\java\rmi\Hello>javac test\TmpInter.java

then try

D:\java\rmi\Hello>javac test\Tmp.java

it work's

all the best

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