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I am doing a batch process. In my process I build a set of insert query statements and will run from my application. I won't use sql transactions and want to skip the statement which throws error.

For example:

create table test
test varchar(20)

insert into test (test) values ('test1'); -- 1 row affected
insert into test (test) values ('test2'); -- 1 row affected
insert into test (test) values ('a' + 333); -- This will throw error while executing and i ---want to skip this
insert into test (test) values ('test4'); -- This should be affected as per my requirement

Is it possible such type of process?

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Wrapping each insert statement in try catch block can solve the problem.

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Like this you can't, unless you do one of

  • submit row by row
  • wrap each INSERT in a TRY/CATCH

bcp and BULK INSERT have a MAXERRORS option which isn't exposed in the .net SQLBulkCopy class, which may be better way to do it...

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You could just surround each INSERT statement with a try-catch block, e.g.

    INSERT INTO test...
     --Do nothing
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