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I have a website build on the Wordpress Platform whith an horizontal menu.

When viewed in ie 9+ and firefox it seems okay, but on ie8- the menu css classes seems not right.

I am struggling to find the problem in the css using firebug.

Could someone please give me a hand and help me with this problem...

my website is:


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You should post your code and maybe an image showing what it looks like and another one showing how it should look. – Alex Morales Feb 1 '12 at 11:34

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You're using HTML5 tags like header, nav, footer, which are not supported in IE8 and below. If you want this to work in IE8 and below, just add this script in your head :

<!--[if lt IE 9]>
<script src="//"></script>
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if you look at your IE8 interpreted source - you'll see - IE8 doesnt render nav-Tag proberly. This is because nav-Tag is HTML5 standard - and <IE9 is not able to deal with that. That's why you need to implement html5.js - to solve that issue. You did - but the file doesn't exist.

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Its seems like you have used css3 properties in your code. Ie8 dosent support css3. A work around for this is u can add in your project, here is a link check it out


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Well the main problem that arises is that IE8 and older dont implement the tag correctly. I would make another wrapper or change it to a div. Also you should left your elements float some more for IE. Hope it helps u one step further.

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