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I have an image and I want to create an adge histogram. I divide the image into 1100 image-blocks and try to find edge and its direction (horisontal, vertical, 45° diagonal, 135° diagonal or nondirectional) in each block.

How I can extract that information about edges? Do you have any ideas?


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I found the answer in this paper: Efficient Use of MPEG-7 Edge Histogram Descriptor by Won.

My goal was to find following edges:

Edge types

Won divide each Image Block into 4 parts, calculate the average gray level in each of them and use the following coefficients:


We use this coefficients as follows and get 5 values:


Using thresholding we estimate each type of the edge:

program SetEdgeType(max, m_nd, m_h, m_v, m_d_45, m_d_135)
if (max < TEdge) then EdgeHisto(0)++
 if (m_nd > T0)    then EdgeHisto(1)++
 if (m_h > T1)     then EdgeHisto(2)++
 if (m_v > T1)     then EdgeHisto(3)++
 if (m_d_45 > T2)  then EdgeHisto(4)++
 if (m_d_135 > T2) then EdgeHisto(5)++

Threshold values were selected by Savvas A. Chatzichristofis to be: TEdge=14, T0=0.68, T1=T2=0.98.

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can you share the complete code if you have? –  user973743 Jun 21 '12 at 19:19

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