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I am using Perl CGI. I am running an SCP command via Perl CGI in the background. Like

system("scp -r machinename:/PathOfFile/ /Path/WhereToCopyIt/  &")

This copy process takes some time, let's say 15 min. Now I want when this copy process is complete then send me an email. But my problem is this command is running in the background. So how can i send a mail? I know how to send mail but i don't know how to send mail when process is running in the background.

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Start a background job which performs the actions in sequence. Basically

system(qq'sh -c "scp -r machinename:/PathOfFile/ /Path/WhereToCopyIt/; 
          echo Done | /sendmail you@example.net" &') 

You probably want to encapsulate the background script into a separate file, or at least add some error checking.

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Why not fork?

my $pid = fork;

if ( $pid == 0 ) {   # Child

    exec( ... );  # Without the '&'
    exit( $? >> 8 );

else {               # Parent

    waitpid $pid, 0;

See perldoc perlfork and perldoc perlipcfor more (perhaps too much?) information.

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