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I need premake to set the EXCLUDED_SOURCE_FILE_NAMES and INCLUDED_SOURCE_FILE_NAMES variables for my XCode project. Anybody knows how to do this?

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There isn't a way to do that directly, but if you provide more details on what you are trying to achieve there might be a workaround. You are already aware of the excludes() API?

In response to additional information in comment: Ah, a unity build then. That isn't directly supported yet, no, though it is coming up quick on the roadmap now. The way most people handle it currently is as a separate project. Not as convenient or elegant, but does allow Debug, Release etc. configurations of the unity build, which can useful too.

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I need a normal configuration in which all source files are compiled. Then I need a bulk configuration in which a single special source file (bulk.cpp), which just includes all other source files, is compiled. As far as I know, the list of files to be compiled is set in the target section, not in the build configuration section. Meanwhile, I found a patch which answers my question: sourceforge.net/tracker/… Haven't tested yet though. I'll post a response if this works. –  ristea andrei Feb 1 '12 at 20:36

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