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I convert video from different formats to flv using xuggle MediaTool. For most of cases it works fine, but when I try an .avi file encoded with msvideo1, indeo3 or cinepark, xuggler throws java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: could not find input codec id on reader.readPacket().

I checked, that my ffmpeg supports msvideo decoding:

 > ffmpeg -codecs
 D V D  msvideo1        Microsoft Video 1
 D V D  indeo3          Intel Indeo 3
 D V D  cinepak         Cinepak

What is more, I'm able to convert files encoded with these codecs from the command line (usign ffmpeg).

What might be the reason for such behaviour?

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I suppose it was a problem with an outdated xuggler build. Current build (xuggler 3.4) is was published about 2 years ago and xuggler development advanced during that time. The problem I was asking about was fixed after last release, here is a ticket related to this problem. I built xuggler from source and it resolved this problem.

(Btw. finally I migrated to execution of ffmpeg because of pixel format problems.)

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