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I have a basic question that I can't seem to resolve using Google (Or I'm using the wrong combination of keywords).

I Have an application of which I have access to the Masterpages and the ASPX. I don't have access to the code behind; Within that application I have a theme folder and a skin that I have created.

I have attempted to skin a Treeview and have added the following to the control on the aspx document SkinId="trview" (the name of the skin file without the extension).

This alone is not affecting the resulting output. I seem to remember that there is a line of code that should be added to the masterpage to tell the application to use the theme but I can't seem to find what it is.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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You cannot set the theme in the masterpage, but in the web.config of the application

  <pages theme="myTheme">

or in the page directive of your page using the masterpage

<%@ Page Theme="myTheme" %>
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Thanks for this. This may be the crucial bit that I am missing as the theme is not defined there. –  Andrew Feb 1 '12 at 13:09

For all webforms, go to web.config, and edit the <pages> tag

    <pages theme="Theme1">

Remember: Theme is not skin file, skin files are contained in themes

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It turns out that I have access to web.config and I have already added the theme there in the past. Thanks for your time. –  Andrew Feb 1 '12 at 13:06

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