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I have a comma delimited list of numbers. I need to match everything up to but not including the number I pass in without any trailing comma.

This is an example of a string I'll be searching:


So if I'm looking for "3" I should get "1,2". If I'm looking for "12" I should get "1,2,3,5,11"

Each number will only appear once in the string.

I came up with this which works for everything apart from "1" where it fails for reason I do not fully understand. If I'm looking for "1" there should be no matches. I have looked for solutions but a lot of 'match up to X' questions have a unique part of the string which makes life easier. With numbers one number could be part of another number e.g. "3" and "13".


I know I could do this with a string split and I may well end up doing it that way. However since I started trying and don't get many opportunities to expand my knowledge of regex I'd really like to see a solution for this problem.

Btw - C# flavoured regex

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I think smth like that should work if you want everything before the first occurrence of a number and exactly this number and not some other number that has it as a preffix:


For a specific number it'll look like that:


For input from your example and number 1 it matches empty string as requested.

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Perfect, I can see exactly what I was missing. So easy when you know how. – Jon Feb 1 '12 at 14:07
I swear I didn't know how =) – KL-7 Feb 1 '12 at 14:08

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