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There is something which is puzzling me. I have web application (.Net 4.0) which is deployed on 2 different servers both running IIS 7.0

The web apps have exactly the same code and they both use the Login page template and Keep me logged in checkbox generated by default by Visual Studio.

One I check the Keep me Logged in checkbox in WebApp1, it keeps me logged in even if I close IE and I open it again, so it goes to the default.aspx page.

On the second WebApp2, it does not matter if I check this checkbox or not, since it redirects me to the Login page everytime I open IE ... it's like if it does not see the user has already been authenticated and then it redirects to the login page, although I can see in the header that the user is logged in...

I checked the settings in both IIS Servers and they look the same to me, but I may be missing something...

Please Help

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Do you want to use the duplicate site in, sort of, load balancing way? If so, please make sure that you're configuring the application properly. The remember me information is saved in the cookies, you'll also need to make sure that the cookie written already by WebApp1 is not causing this issue. I think, setting up the application as load balancer might help in this scenario.

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