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Using rails 3.0.9 with ruby 1.9.2.

I have to make a list of places (which contains accents and non standard letters) to fill a select box.

Using a helper doesn't work (already searched it), as I get the following error:

invalid multibyte char (US-ASCII)

It apparently has something to do with ruby and not with rails.

I also read that the best solution is to put the list in a translation file, and so I did, but now I can't retrieve the list.

Before, I had:

def madrid_area_array

Now, I have in my .yml:

      chapin: "Chapinería"
      ciempo: "Ciempozuelos"
      cobena: "Cobeña"

When I used the helper (in case anyone wonders, symbols like í get literally written in select drop boxes, you don't get 'í'), I could call madrid_area_array to fill the select menu. Now, I can't call the translation file, and have to make an intermediate helper with translations:

def madrid_area_array
    t(:chapin, :scope => "spain.madrid", :locale => "places"),
    t(:ciempo, :scope => "spain.madrid", :locale => "places"),
    t(:cobena, :scope => "spain.madrid", :locale => "places")

Is there any way to get all the entries from a translation subtree? like:

 t(*, :scope => "spain.madrid", :locale => "places")
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are you really trying to internationalise your application of it is just because of the error? In the latter case, did you tried to add # encoding: utf-8 to the top of your file (as in this question stackoverflow.com/questions/1739836/…) –  marcolinux Feb 13 '12 at 11:53
@marcolinux i am internationalising my app even though the example doesn't seem like it, as city names are translated through different languages. i am trying to solve the # encoding: utf-8 problem on another side, and it's a PITA, because writing it in the rails files with utf-8 chars doesn't solve it, and there's no way i'm filling all my files with patches because ruby developers think ASCII-US is worldwide used, kudos for them not –  chech Feb 15 '12 at 11:17

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