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I am using the portlet plugin from jQuery UI

my question is:

is it possible to save the order of the portlets in the database so when the user come back he can see his portlets sorted in the same order?How?


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I found the solution here

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Well, I can't really answer your question but I would suggest this:

If the order of portlets is not mission-critical, then use cookies to store the order instead of using a database. This will save you valuable space and performance.

Plus, you get to support users that have not logged in.

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Thanks for the advise your solution is great for some sort of websites I store every thing in the database since the cookies can be deleted and also if the user access his page from another computer I want hem to find his preference. and also because only logged in users can use my the system. –  ahmed May 26 '09 at 9:23

I have done this the cookie saving method and my saving to the database.

The database way is really the best method

When I saved box positions with a cookie, the page would load and the boxes would be in there default position, then when the page finished reading the cookie it would re-arrange the boxes from the cookie data which made the page look really slow

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