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How do i access another user's registry portion in win XP?

how do i access another user's HKey_current_user on my machine, in vb2005 or if someone can recommend a software that can already do it.

Im trying to make a quick registry repair tool to fix a damaged or corrupted user

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First, you can't, if roaming profiles are enabled the other user's registry on your machine may be incomplete or outdated.

Having said that you can use HKEY_USERS\user-sid

Obviously you have to run as administrator to access other users data.

To translate from SID to name look at this:

To translate from name to SID look at this:

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Just an opinion but, usually running remote registry services is troublesome. I have made the utility to correct the registry entries locally and run the application remotely. PSExec is a great free utility from Mark and now MS to run your utility after you build and test it. You can give it a list of systems to hit or it will run it on each system in the domain. Your account does have to have remote execute rights but that's not usually a problem as an admin. Just be careful when you write the utility to be a bit more cautious as you may wind up running it on machines that you didn't intend to run it on.

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