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I have look all over the web and can't seem to figure this one out. I am using the Tuckey rewrite engine. I have read the manual and reviewed the examples without help.

I want to remove ".html" extensions from the URL, while preserving parameters if there are any.

Here is what I have thus far (non-working):

    <note>Example: http://hostname/sample/loginhelp?cid=2 is masked from http://hostname/sample/loginhelp.html?cid=2</note>
    <note>Example: http://hostname/sample/loginhelp.html?cid=2 is redirected to http://hostname/sample/loginhelp?cid=2</note>
    <to type="redirect">$1$2</to>

Neither the rule or outbound-rule seem to work in any scenario. I know the Tuckey is working since I can get other rules to work, just not this one. Also, I am using the Seam stack although I don't think it matters. What am I missing?

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Use the wildcard matching engine to simplify this:

<rule match-type="wildcard">
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<condition type="request-uri" operator="notequal">\.(images|gif|jpeg|png|css|js|pdf|doc|ico|jsp|jpg|html)$</condition>

this solve your problem

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sorry misreading the quetion –  AnilHoney Nov 28 '12 at 6:58

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