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We used something like in the example below before:

class KontrollController {
    def index() { 
        [ value: "hä öh üh!"]

calling the Tag like this:

<pl:myTag value="${value}">${value}</pl:myTag>


class PlTagLib {
    static namespace = "pl"

    def myTag = { attrs, body ->
            def m = [:]
            log.error body()
            m.body = body()
            m.value = attrs.value

            out << render( template: '/template/myTag', model: m )

in _myTag.gsp

 ${body} //will display: "h&auml; &ouml;h &uuml;h!" wrong encoding
 ${value} // will display correct: "hä öh üh!"

we uses this version with body many times before and it worked correct.

can anyone tell me if there is a simple solution for this?

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This is blind shot but you can try:

class KontrollController {
    def index() { 
        [ value: "hä öh üh!".encodeAsHTML()]
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