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Is there an equivalent to the expr command which works for complex numbers (represented lists of two doubles)?

This library provides functions for complex number arithmetic, and this seems to be a useful utility to define the required cexpr function, but it doesn't work well.

E.g. it doesn't handle properly the brackets.

ParseExpressions::ParseExpr { (1) + ((2) + (3)) } { }


+ [+ 1 ((2)] (3))

while it should return

+ [+ 1 2] 3

Also ParseExpressions::ParseExpr { {1 2} + {3 4} } {}


+ 1 2 3 4

while it should return

+ {1 2} {3 4}

So basically I am asking for a robust version of this utility.

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This is a good question; it will take time to get an acceptable solution. – Donal Fellows Feb 1 '12 at 15:19
Suggest reading: (about complex math implemented in TCL) – Hai Vu Feb 6 '12 at 21:04
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Why don't you try this: or something like this too:

I hope these are easy to use alternatives for the mentioned utility.

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You can use pretty much an C library if you link it with FFIDL.

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