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I have a JTextArea which has its text set to a string of information. In this string of information I have a variable which I would like coloured red, to do this I edit the string as follows:

"Result: <html><font color=red>" + negativeValue + "</font></html>"

I would expect this to give Result: ## where the number is red. However it just puts the following into the text area:

Result: <html><font color=red>##</font></html>

I'm not really sure how to get this working, so could someone offer advice as to how to do so?

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good question +1 –  mKorbel Feb 1 '12 at 15:21

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JTextArea is not a component designed for styled text. If the text can be all one color, call setForeground(Color).

Otherwise use a styled text component such as a JEditorPane or JTextPane. For more info. on using them, see How to Use Editor Panes and Text Panes.

Also as pointed out by others, the entire String must start with <html> .

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or use highlighter +1 –  mKorbel Feb 1 '12 at 15:17

You cannot use HTML in a JTextArea, but you can use it with a JEditorPane

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JTextArea doesn't support styled text area, in order to render HTML you need an instance of JEditorPane or JTextPane. See the tutorial on Using Text Components .

Sample code here

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If memory serves, JTextArea is for plain text display only. For HTML, you must use JEditorPane or one of its subclasses.

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Java renders html code only if it starts with <html>. You should try it like

"<html>Result: <font color=red>" + negativeValue + "</font></html>"
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..and only if it is put into a styled text component. ;) –  Andrew Thompson Feb 1 '12 at 15:03

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