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Let's say i have the following string:

"a test-eh'l"

I want to capitalize the start of each word. A word can be separated by a space, apostrophe, hyphen, a forward slash, a period, etc. So I want the string to turn out like this:

"A Test-Eh'L"

I'm not too worried about getting the first character capitalized from the gsub call, as that's easy to do after the fact. However, when I've been using IRB and match method, I only seem to be getting one result. When i use a scan, it collects the matches, but the problem is I cannot really do much with it, as i need to replace the contents of the original string.

Here's what i have so far:

"a test-eh'a".scan(/[\s|\-|\'][a-z]/)
=> [" t", "-e", "'a"]

"a test-eh'a".match(/[\s|\-|\'][a-z]/)
=> #<MatchData " t"> 

Then if i try the pattern using gsub:

"a test-eh'a".gsub(/[\s|\-|\'][a-z]/, $1)
TypeError: can't convert nil into String

In javascript, i would normally use parenthesis instead of square brackets on the front section. However, i wasn't getting correct results in the scan call when doing so.

"a test-eh'a".scan(/(\s|\-|\')[a-z]/)
=> [[" "], ["-"], ["'"]] 

"a test-eh'a".gsub(/(\s|\-|\')[a-z]/, $1)
=> "a'est'h'" 

Any help would be appreciated.

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You can use 1st captured group in replacement string like that: '\1'. –  KL-7 Feb 1 '12 at 14:59

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Try this:

"a test-eh'a".gsub(/(?:^|\s|-|')[a-z]/) { |r| r.upcase }
# => "A Test-Eh'A"
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That would work, thanks very much. –  agmcleod Feb 1 '12 at 15:04

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