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Rails 3.0

I have a standard Web form that asks for a calendar date in the future and enters it into a date field in my model.

    <%= f.date_select :dayzero, :start_year => 2012, :end_year => 2012 %>

As you see, I've limited the HTML displayed to just 2012.

Can I insert options to dynamically restrict the Day / Month / Year fields to the next 30 days only?

So, on February 1, 2012, a user would only see

1-31 in the Day field February and March in the Month field 2012 in the year field.

Likewise, on September 15, a user would only see:

1-31 in the Day field September and October in the Month field 2012 in the year field.

It's OK if the fields aren't --exact-- just close enough.


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