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I'm having a problem with Symfony2's translator.

I have a DateTimeFormatter class (simplified here):


namespace Project\CommonBundle\Util;

use DateTime;
use Symfony\Component\Translation\TranslatorInterface;

class DateTimeFormatter
    private $translator;

    public function __construct(TranslatorInterface $translator)
        $this->translator = $translator;

    public function format(DateTime $datetime, array $options = array())
        $delta = time() - $datetime->getTimestamp();

        return $this->translator->trans('datetime_formatter.seconds_ago', array('%seconds%', $delta);

With translation file:

    seconds_ago: %seconds% seconds ago

And I configured it as a service:

    datetime_formatter.class: Skepin\CommonBundle\Util\DateTimeFormatter
            class: %datetime_formatter.class%
            arguments: [@translator]

The problem is: when I use it, the text displayed is %seconds% seconds ago, the parameter is not replaced. What am I missing?


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Problem resolved:

return $this->translator->trans('datetime_formatter.seconds_ago', array('%seconds%' => $delta);

instead of:

return $this->translator->trans('datetime_formatter.seconds_ago', array('%seconds%', $delta);

Stupid error...

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