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I am having a little problem with elasticsearch and wonder if someone can help me solve it.

I have a document containing an array of tuples (publications).

Something like :


       publications: [
           item1: 385294,
           item2: 11
           item1: 395078,
           item2: 1


The problem i have is for retrieving documents who contain a specific tuple, for exemple (item1 = 395078 AND item2 = 1).

Whatever i try, it seems to always treat item1 and item2 separately, i fail to tell elasticsearch that item1 and item2 must have a specific value inside the same tuple, not accross the whole array...

Is there something i'm missing here ?


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This is not possible in the straight way. ElasticSearch flattens the array before checking for condition. Which mean elasticSearch matches a=x AND b=y1 to [{a=x,b=y},{a=x1,b=y1}] which doesnt happen in the conventianal array checking.

What you can do here is

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Thank you, i will look at nested types tomorrow. One more question, if store publications like this : publications: [ { 385294:11 }, { 395078:1 } ] how can it help me with my query ? –  dou bret Feb 1 '12 at 21:55
If you have the value of item1 beforehead , you can query for the value of 385294 in the array. And it will give as 11. –  Vineeth Mohan Feb 2 '12 at 6:17

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