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I have a Xserver running MongoDB and several computers have access to the DataBase, I want to know how can I know which computer create each document.

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I see two possible solution:

1.If you using mongodb ObjectId and because of object id contains information about machine where it was created

Machine. This is the first three bytes of the (md5) hash of the machine host name, or of the mac/network address, or the virtual machine id.

You can parse objectId of document and get information about machine from these three bytes.

2.Another solution is two save information about machine in each document.

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Thanks Andrew but all the machine host name are the same, I guess because all the operation are taking place on the server and not on each machine. I was thinking on your second solution but I´m working with a system that was created by another company and I think I´m not allowed to make changes to their code. – EnigmaSAC Feb 1 '12 at 20:19

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