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I'd like to find All function calls to llvm.pow.f64 function in llvm IR.Please suggest me a method to do this.

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Well, here is a basic FunctionPass that finds all calls to functions:

class MyPass : public FunctionPass {
    static char ID;

        : FunctionPass(ID)

    virtual bool runOnFunction(Function &F) {
        for (Function::iterator bb = F.begin(), bb_e = F.end(); bb != bb_e; ++bb) {
            for (BasicBlock::iterator ii = bb->begin(), ii_e = bb->end(); ii != ii_e; ++ii) {
                if (CallInst *callInst = dyn_cast<CallInst>(&*ii)) {
                    Function *calledFunc = callInst->getCalledFunction();
                    errs() << "Calling function " << calledFunc->getName() << "\n";

It prints the names of all functions called by the function it's working on. getName gives you a StringRef, so feel free to compare it to any value you want.

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