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I need to put together a form script to redirect the user based on what is entered into the form. I understand this can be done from JavaScript, I managed to put something together but it didn't do quite what I wanted it to do which is

User enters text, for example mysubdomain, then hits submit.

I would then like them to be forwarded to mysubdomain.mydomain.com. I managed to do the opposite so it directed to mydomain.com/mysubdomain.

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Do you mean

<form onsubmit="window.location='http://'+this.subdomain.value+'.mydomain.com/';
 return false">
<input type="text" name="subdomain" value="" />

using same domain as you are on (details about the location object here at MDN): and assuming the form is on xxxx.mydomain.com

return false">
<input type="text" name="subdomain" value="" />
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I think you could have a function that reloads the entered subdomain by the user + your domain so like window.location.assign(subdomain + ".yourdomain.com")

Take a look at the Location object as well.

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