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I've recently bought a new set-top box, and the hacker spirit beckons me to carry out things with it.. i understand there could be no standard procedure to hack it / play with it still there should

so my questions are :

  • what hardware knowledge do i need to have inorder to get a basic understanding on how a set-top box works. (any how-to's)

  • how do i go about establishing an interface with my computer ?

  • what external hardware dev. kits / components i might need ?

  • how do i figure out if its a linux box ? and later get details on the linux kernel versions on it ?

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Why don't you Google for the above with the manufacturer/model number info ? –  Brian Agnew May 26 '09 at 10:02

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To answer all of your questions: it depends on the box.

In short, find a hacking community for your hardware and read up.

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