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I have a china mobile phone and I connected it to my laptop by using USB cable. I have a j2me app installed on the mobile which listens to any incoming data. So when I type AT commands in hyper terminal I get OK response. Anything else seems to be ignored by mobile like just a hello word. Why? if this is so how my j2me app is supposed to see the incoming data?

Here is an example of my hyper terminal window:



hello [nothing returned and carriage returns to the begining of the line]

at hello


Update: in my Midlet code the DataInputStream.available() or InputStream.available are always zero. Beside that the DataInputStream.read(byte[]) or InputStream.read(byte[]) always return zero which means they can't find any input. As I said the issue might be because phone is ignoring anything but AT commands

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"hello" it's not AT command or parameter for "AT"

Generally syntax of the AT command is:




I think: Hyperterminal under Win is connected with modem in your phone, not with j2me app.

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yes i'm aware of that. but the quesion still stands! if everything except AT commands are ignored how should j2me app communicate with hyper terminal? –  jim Feb 1 '12 at 18:44
I think: Hyperterminal under Win is connected with modem in your phone, not with j2me app. Whats the name of the port? –  skippy Feb 1 '12 at 19:51
com4. and my modem is connected to com3. beside when i send a command atd<number> my mobile starts to dial that number. as i said the only problem is that my app can't send or receive data. when i start the app mobile asks me if i give a privilage to the app for connecting directly to PC and i press yes. but no data exchange between app and hyper terminal happens. i tested the code, check the update on question. –  jim Feb 2 '12 at 8:18

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