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I have a WCF service (I am using Data Services) method which returns an IQueryable where A has two subtypes B and C. The superclass A has a property Y. When I call the method I get the error:

The closed type B does not have a corresponding Y settable property.

Why is this?



Here's the method I'm calling:

public IQueryable<Auction> GetAuctionsWithUserBids(Guid userReference)
            return CurrentDataSource.Auctions.Where(a=>a.Bids.Any(b=>b.UserReference==userReference));

Auction is a DBSet. The subclass it fails on (although I'm sure it will fail on all subclasses) is called EsfAuction.

If I navigate to this through a browser it is fine otherwise it fails when called through code.

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A small code sample would be helpfull –  rerun Feb 1 '12 at 16:26
The actual exception with callstack would help. I suspect this to be a client problem, so in that case the client side classes (or at least the interesting portions) would also be interesting. –  Vitek Karas MSFT Feb 1 '12 at 19:40

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