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I am looking for a Web-based Player which can display i.e. the presentation on the left side and the lecturer on the right side. With a button click (or other action) the user has control about the visibility of the lecturer, but the presentation is always visible.

This is one example: but its not ready yet and does not fit my needs so well..

I just thought of just 2 jwPlayers side by side with a bit of javascript to synchronize them.. does anyone has expirience with this?

Thanks in advance

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Your question is a bit vague. Is there something specific you need to know about? Perhaps read up on ExternalInterface (actionscript) for a starting point. – mfa Feb 1 '12 at 16:57
Actually I'm looking for a ready-to-go solution. – hubbl Feb 1 '12 at 17:56
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guess there is no ready to go solution yet, but you could set up an html5-player and listen to the timeupdate event via javascript.


<video id="videoplayer" src="yourfile.mp4" .../>
  var player = document.getElementById("videoplayer");
  player.addEventListener('timeupdate', function(){

      var currentTime =player.currentTime;

      //define several intervalls for slices
      if( currentTime > 0 && currentTime < 10 ){

          //show slice-Image in html Canvas
      else if... //different interval!



this is only pseudocode to geive you an idea how to implement!! there are many ways how you can make this more dynamic (intervalls via json, xml....) hope it helps!

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