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using cocos2d and box2d i am taking a body and put a sprite that follow him, now i would like to see not only the sprite but the whole world bodies shapes(boxs,and circles) to understand better my world physics.

the sprite follow a body with :

    for(b2Body *b=world->GetBodyList(); b; b=b->GetNext()) // b is the list of all bodys in the world and we running on them 
        if(b->GetUserData() !=NULL )
        CCSprite *sprite=(CCSprite *) b->GetUserData();//every b of the world will be update his position
        sprite.position=ccp( b->GetPosition().x * PTM_RATIO, b->GetPosition().y * PTM_RATIO  ) ;


how would i do that? is it require a big code ?

thanks a lot.

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Use b2DebugDraw. Here is the code how do it:


That will automatically draw your b2World.

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he say to put the code on the init (of the GLES render???) but there is no init method in there . –  Curnelious Feb 2 '12 at 13:53
you have to put this code in the init method of the CCLayer subclass - your game layer. And also modify the draw code of your layer according to the tutorial –  Andrew Feb 2 '12 at 14:28

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