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I am using Cakephp and I would like to learn how to set a select with values from 1 to 100?

Please notice I prefer to use $this->Form->input if possible.

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echo $this->Form->input('whatever', array(
    'options'=>array_combine(range(1,100), range(1,100))


PHP's range creates an array of numbers (or letters), which is what you want for your options. But if you use range by itself, it creates:


This would give you a dropdown of numbers, but the values will start with zero regardless of the displayed number - in this case, you'd end up with array(0=>1, 1=>2 ...

When you really want this:

array(1=>1, 2=>2, 3=>3 ...

By using array_combine just makes it so the first option has the same value as the displayed number.

(obviously you can write this in 1 line - I just broke it up for ease of reading)

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