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i have a class called comment and inside i have 3 functions called __construct, index and getComments

Class comment extends CI_Controller
   public function __construct(){

   public function index($comment_id){
      echo $comment_id;

   public function getComments(){
      //do stuff to get comments and print them to screen

also in my routes folder i have added a new route

$route['comment/(:any)'] = "comment/index/$1";

so when i go to mysite.com/comment/123131313123

it echos the comment id but when i do an ajax call to the getComments() function in the same class it wont work and instead it will show me the word "getComments"

how can i make sure that when i go direct to the index function it will show me the parameter and also be able to do ajax calls without having any other problem with the other functions?


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How are you doing the ajax call? What's the URL you're using? –  Matt Potts Feb 1 '12 at 17:04
im using mysite.com/comment/getComments - i have not added the php code i use for the ajax calls becuase its too many... if i remove the index and the route all the ajax calls work fine. –  fxuser Feb 1 '12 at 17:13

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mysite.com/comment/getComments is getting matched to your route

You need to make another route before it which explicitly matches your ajax action

$route['comment/getComments'] = "comment/getComments";
$route['comment/(:any)'] = "comment/index/$1";

Routes are run in the order they are defined.

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works perfect... –  fxuser Feb 1 '12 at 18:04

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