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I have created new application using Master-Detail Templte with storyboard. I want to give user facility where they can Hide/Show Master View Controller in Landscape mode. I found few examples on net but none are using story board and Master-Detail template with Navigation Controller.

I have already implemented splitviewcontroller willHideViewController & willShowViewController which help me hide Master View Controller in Portrait mode. I am using below code in didFinishLaunchingWithOptions method of App Delegate to load views intially,

UISplitViewController *splitViewController = (UISplitViewController *)self.window.rootViewController;
UINavigationController *navigationController = [splitViewController.viewControllers lastObject];
splitViewController.delegate = (id)navigationController.topViewController;

I would appriciate if you can point me right direction.

Thanks, Tapan Desai

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The master view is presented in a popover and the popover can be used to control the visibility of the master.

So...follow these steps:

1) Create a property to hold the popoverController

@property (nonatomic, strong) UIPopoverController *pc;

2) Capture the popoverController on the SplitViewController willHide delegate call

-(void) splitViewController:(UISplitViewController *)svc
     willHideViewController:(UIViewController *)aViewController
          withBarButtonItem:(UIBarButtonItem *)barButtonItem
       forPopoverController:(UIPopoverController *)pc
    barButtonItem.title = @"Menu"; 
    id detailViewController = [self.splitViewController.viewControllers lastObject];
    [detailViewController setSplitViewBarButtonItem:barButtonItem];
    self.pc = pc;  //poppver controller

3) Finally just use the pc var to dismiss the popover

 if (self.pc) {
        [self.pc dismissPopoverAnimated:YES];
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