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Newb question:

I add a file to my repo (drag it to my repo folder) then in git bash I "cd" to my repo and "git init", "git add filename", "git commit -m 'committing files'". When I git status it says

$ git status
#on branch master
#your branch is ahead of origin master by 2 commits
working directory clean. Nothing to commit.

But they don't show up in my repo when I refresh the page on my github site. Do I have to push them to the site?

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Do I have to push them to the site?

Yes. Commits are to your local repository first. You need to git push origin master for the commits to be on GitHub.

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okay. That is what I thought but I questioned it because when I try to do that I get the message that I need to enter my key. Then it gives me the famous public access denied error. I looked at other forums and made sure my .ssh file exists and such but still no luck. Can I reset the pass phrase for the key they are asking for? –  user1155445 Feb 1 '12 at 17:53
Okay. So reseting and making a new password worked. ssh-keygen –  user1155445 Feb 1 '12 at 19:10

You need to push the changes out to your remote on github.

You've commited the changes to your local repository - but that doesn't automatically push them out to your remote. Try this:

git push origin master
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