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I'm wanting to get better/more accurate at time estimates/durations for larger projects and am looking for any good books/resources that could assist.

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The top asset you can have when you 're estimating anything is a deep knowledge on the subject, both in the technology aspect and the product aspect. I can't stress enough that if you 're missing any of the two, you can't provide with a reliable estimation.

The second part is a whole universe of knowledge, where different approaches are still under investigation. Wiki-article does serve as a good introductory, I'd choose the sub-genre that fits what you need to estimate & proceed with straightforward googling.

Some criterias to choose from:

  • The methodology you use to develop
  • The team size
  • Whether you have historical data or not
  • The depth in the chain-of-command in your company
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I would point you to this in the forums.

My favorite is PeopleWare

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